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We pride ourselves in our capability to handle all events of indoor or outdoor space. Whether  your event is big or small, Marquee Hire UK assure you that we can Handle your event. We provide perfect design for any occasion. You will get best marquee service from us. For more information get in touch.

About Marquee Hire UK

Lets Go Solve Your Event!

Without any hassles you will be able to enjoy your special event with our wide difference of marquees. 

Are you hosting the wedding, small or big party, birthday party, celebration of any occasion, Holy communion in Church or want to have some fun on prom night? Don’t worry, we can arrange it professionally. On every occasion Marquee Hire UK will provide all necessary equipment and make sure everything goes properly from start to finish.

In addition, For your event we have a wide difference of marquees and equipment. You can choose from Traditional Marquees, Framed Marquee, Trapeze Marquees, Stretch Ten, Chinese Hat Marquees or something more modern with our selection.

marqueehire2uk.About Marquee Hire UK Lets Go Solve Your Event

Why Choose Marquee Hire UK?

We hold 22-year experience and we have a professional team who are committed to their work. All our experts have necessary training and they have wide experience in their work. In rest we can handle your event professionally.  



We are experts in marquee management and equipment. We hold 22-year experience and we have a professional team who are committed to their work.



Our team members at Marquee Hire UK are friendly and honest with their work. We only believe in offering quality work so our team understands the needs of customers.



We at Marquee Hire UK do not make mistakes because we have 22-year experience which is enough to say that we know our tools and work very well.



We have been working honestly for a long time and so we established a name for ourselves which is established by our customers' positive reviews.

Do You Need Marquee For Your Special Event?

If you would like to book our marquee services or would like any purifications, don’t hesitate to make an email or stay connected with our social media to us. For getting more updates about our services subscribe to our social media channels from the links given on the right.

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Marquee Hire Services We offer

With real focus on customer satisfaction and over 22-year experiences, a wide variety of services and with 24-hour response time. We are one of the best Marquee Hire services in the UK.



Planning a wedding ceremony? Hire the wedding marquee package and you will get everything in one place.



We provide corporate marquee services. You can customize to fit and budget your needs. We are all time with you every step of the way.



Planning a party? You can arrange a party in your home without any hassles or worries with our party marquee services, so that you and your guests feel relaxed and enjoy the party.



We're offering the best festival marquee services. We work with all short festivals - music festivals to beer fests and everything in between.

We are available for solving your event

Any and every marquee and equipment related problems are ours to deal with. Just make an offer or call us for a chance to get the best services from us.

  • 24/7 emergency services 
  • Over 22 – year expert 
  • Free estimate 
  • Quick & efficient 
  • Affordable price